• Bike positioning
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Cleat adjust
  • Basic Fit report
  • Bike positioning
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Functional assessment.
  • Kinetic analysis (Vector breakdown of pedaling).
  • Kinematic analysis (Assessment of accelerometer/gyroscopic movement).
  • Analysis of mechanical efficiency losses (DSS reference points).
  • Postural hygiene.
  • Saddle advice and position re-education (130 test saddles).
  • Cleat adjustment.
  • Podiatric advice.
  • If necessary, custom cycling shoe advice
    Advanced fit report.
  • All of this and much more.
  • Feedback.

This is a comprehensive study with ongoing follow-up where we address high-performance aspects by analyzing the performance of professional cyclists through field tests, aerodynamic assessments, effective torque analysis, and more. The aim is to optimize performance and pedaling technique to the maximum. If you have previously visited multiple biomechanical centers without finding a solution to your problem, this study is tailored for you. We will take the necessary time and conduct a second visit, allowing us to analyze motor patterns outdoors.


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