Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we love what we do and strive to do it to the best of our ability. Ultimately, what truly matters is that you get to know us and see that our work speaks for itself.

Let’s be honest; we could tell you that our service is exceptional and that we are the best at what we do, like every other company does, or that we are different because “we are different,” but the truth is, we don’t want to bore you with the same old claims.


Unlike our competitors, instead of setting rigid schedules for our studies, our priority is to ensure that the end result is perfect. We don’t mind if the process takes 2 or 5 hours; what matters to us is delivering the best outcome possible.


We only attend to a maximum of two people per day to ensure that each client receives our complete attention and dedication, without rushing or interruptions.


We don’t care how long it takes to conduct a study; what matters to us is that the result is exceptional.


We value your feedback!

We strive to ensure that our clients continue to trust us, which is why receiving good feedback after the study is essential to us.


The customer is our priority: we want you to come back!

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Everything started when...

I was a semi-professional/elite road and track cyclist, but I suffered from injuries and discomfort that I couldn’t solve. I tried all kinds of biomechanical systems, but nothing seemed to work. So, I decided to study cycling biomechanics myself, and I fell in love with it completely.

I am an industrial engineer and a data and materials enthusiast, so this became my life project. Over the past 10 years, I have been dedicated to conducting biomechanical studies to solve people’s problems and optimize their performance. Biomechanics has evolved a lot since then, and we have continued to educate ourselves in different methods, constantly evolving and researching to stay up to date.

I am a complete freak when it comes to this sport, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone pedaling without pain!


A biomechanical analysis is crucial when it comes to cycling, as it helps refine position imperfections, address discomfort, and optimize technique. All of this makes cycling much more comfortable, healthy, and efficient.

Of course, you will receive a detailed report with everything you need and more.

Upon making your reservation, you will receive an email with a list of items to bring and instructions for the day of the study.

Of course, in fact, we reserve a special type of study for professionals.

The majority of our clients are occasional or recreational cyclists.

As we mentioned before, it is essential for any type of cyclist, and we would even say it is even more important for recreational cyclists… But I think you’ve probably heard that in your cycling group already.

Of course, it is crucial for us that you provide feedback on how everything has been going, how your technique is improving, etc., and if any modifications are needed. Feedback is one of the most important aspects of the study, and if the results are not completely satisfactory, a follow-up review is included within the first 2 months.

The measurements will never be the same since the center of gravity (baricentros) you adopt with one bike or another can vary depending on the model and geometry of the bicycle, as well as different component changes. However, the measurements are approximate, but we offer a second bicycle service at a reduced cost.

Literal translation: “The measurements will never be the same since the centers of gravity (baricentros) that you adopt with one bike or another can vary depending on the model and geometry of the bike, in addition to different component changes. Even so, the measurements are approximate, but we offer a second bike service at a reduced cost.”

The duration of a cycling biomechanical study can vary depending on the type of study and the complexity of each case. In general, a cycling biomechanical study typically lasts between 2.5 and 5 hours.

Yes, a biomechanical study of cycling can help prevent injuries related to cycling practice as it allows for the correction of posture and optimization of technique to minimize stress on joints and muscles. This is one of the main objectives.


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