In our biomechanical study, we focus on optimizing your cycling practice by improving your technique and position on the bike to eliminate discomfort and increase your efficiency.

If you suffer from pain or discomfort in your knees, hands, feet, back, neck, cervical area, lumbar region, or any other limiting factor, don’t worry, everything has a solution and fix! As cycling biomechanics engineers, we offer personalized tools so you can enjoy cycling without worry or complexes. We provide you with the tools to make you and your bike one.

01. Performance optimization

Through kinetic/kinematic analysis and the use of various measuring devices, we will optimize your pedaling and maximize the performance of each pedal stroke by optimizing your technique and torque.

You will generate more watts while spending less energy!

02. Position and more

Many other biomechanical systems have sold us the idea that biomechanical analysis only focuses on bike positioning, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, position is important, but technical execution is equally important. If we don’t pedal properly and don’t have a correct posture on our bike, position becomes secondary. It’s like a house of cards where the cyclist needs to be properly positioned, adopt a good posture, and execute proper pedaling technique. We will explain everything to you… It takes some time!

03. Custom 3D printing solutions

Every person is unique, and standard components may not always fit certain cyclists. That’s why we provide custom 3D printing solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual. Imagine you need a customized shim – we can make it for you. Need a special padding for your saddle? Consider it done! Wedges, spacers for aero bars, foot adaptations, finishes for integrated handlebars, decorative elements… Anything within our imagination can be turned into reality through 3D printing.

04. Custom cycling shoes

Usually, cyclists buy their shoes without being able to try them on. That’s over now. Here you can try them on. How? We have ergonomic footwear of all types and sizes (Bont, Luck, Nimbl, Lake) that adapt to the needs of each cyclist. Additionally, to solve specific issues, we can order fully customized models so that your shoe fits you like a glove. Moreover, with the Bont thermoforming technology, we will prevent any discomfort or pressure (bunions, numbness, etc.).

You and your bike will become one You and your bike will become one You and your bike will become one

Let nothing stop you Let nothing stop you Let nothing stop you

05. Aerodynamic optimization

If you are preparing for a time trial or an Ironman, we will optimize your position to gain watts through analysis in the Bioracer Aero computerized wind tunnel or on the velodrome, determining positions, components, and accessories.

06. Saddle selection

Perhaps you’re not completely comfortable and have the following questions: How do you feel on the saddle? What saddle do you need? If you don’t know, we do. We have around 130 test saddles for you to try and use. If necessary, we will analyze your sitting position using a pressure mapping system to determine the saddle that best suits you!

Many other biomechanical systems have sold the idea that biomechanical analysis only focuses on bike positioning, but nothing could be further from the truth.

—Ergo Cycling

07. Knowing the bike I need

How to know what bike you need? There are so many geometries and specifications. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but we can help you solve it. We will assist you in choosing from the models you like or selecting the type of geometry you need, as well as determining the parameters of the components.


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